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Pat Mattaini Mestern
Magdalena's Song

Magdalena's Song
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Magdalena's Song

When the mysterious Count Daniel Vincent Cudzinki visits this industrial village in Ontario, the tightly woven fabric of its traditional culture unravels. Is he the ghost of an old gypsy, lover of a daughter from one of the town's founding families back for revenge against his tormentor? Or is he simply a labor organizer with a very slick cover story?

Pat Mestern's deeply evocative historical novels are among the most rewarding, and the most pleasing, being published today. While they conjure a time long gone and imagine characters long dead, they never fail to embrace the sorts of scandals, dreams and secrets that can haunt nearly every family in every walk of life for many tomorrows.
J. Marshall Craig, film director
Author of the Eric Burdon memoir Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

There's so much truth in Fergus (Ontario) author Pat Mestern's fiction that readers sometimes use her books as tour guides. A carload of people recently showed up in the Peel township hamlet of Glen Allan looking for a cemetery which is the setting for the most dramatic scene in Mestern's book Rachael's Legacy.
Gerald Wright,
Book Reviewer: Kitchener/Waterloo Record

A combination of plot and Mestern's proven talents is bound to produce another first-rate novel with a strong local character and appeal. Pat writes best about things she loves best. This choice brings with it a sure touch, a confidence and a fidelity that strengthen her novels.
Jim Rohman, Book Reviewer
Radio Journalist: CBC, CKWR

Patricia Mattaini Mestern is one of Canada's most talented writers. Her books are full of memorable characters and rich landscapes in historical settings. I don't believe that Canadians know what a national treasure Fergus, Ontario possesses. Like many other devotees, I traveled hundreds of miles to meet a woman that I consider to be Canada's late 20th century's equivalent of Lucy Maude Montgomery. Pat laughed heartily when I mentioned LMM and said that she had a long way to go before considering herself equal to the woman. I don't believe that Canadians know what a national treasure Fergus possesses. Her books are full of memorable characters and rich landscapes in historical settings that beg for exploration.
Janis B. MacDonald, Joplin, Missouri
Freelance writer

Pat's talents are displayed best in her works of fiction. She has a knack for breathing life into a story through her vibrant settings and believable characters. Readers quickly become immersed in the hopes, dreams, failures and successes of some of the most poignant people to ever grace the pages of books.

Gerald Beirnes, Bookseller

Ghosts. . . Gypsies. . . Prejudices. . . Small town scandals. Who knew Fergus, Ontario, was filled with such intrigue? Okay, this book isn't really set in Fergus, and to be honest I don't believe it's a hotbed of deceit, but the village of Millbrook certainly is! Fergus author Pat Mestern has written a highly entertaining novel of small town dreams and lies and the strange man who stirs things up during the autumn of 1947. The mysterious Count Cudzinski comes to Millbrook, spinning tales of his life but revealing nothing of his past. What he does reveal are the various secrets of the inhabitants of the small Ontario village (that is NOT Fergus, nudge-nudge).

The stranger-who-comes-to-town theme is a familiar one and Mestern could have fallen into a trap of relying on worn cliches. Thankfully that trap is avoided and Magdalena's Song is a very decent read with a few twists and turns thrown in for good measure.

I spoke with the author who was thrilled that Magdalena's Song is the first Canadian-written book published by the North Carolina publishing house High Country Publishers. It's safe to say that Southern Ontario writing has been given a great boost down in the U.S. with the release of Pat Mestern's work.