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Pat Mattaini Mestern

Chapter One

Pat Mattaini Mestern has always called the small town of Fergus, Ontario, home. During her youth, Pat was surrounded by books, stimulating conversation and visual history. This background melded with her love of history to create a writing style that focuses on attractive settings and strong characterizations.

Pat Mestern is the author of four previous works of fiction: Clara, 1979; Anna, Child of the Poor House 1981; Rachel's Legacy, 1989, The Contract 1991.

Non-fictional works include "Looking Back" a 2 volume history set, 1983; "Fergus, a Scottish Town By Birthright" 1995, "So You Want to Hold a Festival, A-Z of Festival & Special Event Organization", 2002.

Mestern's books have been chosen for newspaper serialization, considered for movie production and nominated for awards. When she's not penning book length works, Pat writes travel, life style and local history columns for a variety of national and international publications.

Pat is the mother of four children: Andrew, Celeste, Julia and Cecile, and shares her life with husband Ted and ten grandchildren.

Pat Mestern

Magdalena's Song

When the mysterious Count Daniel Vincent Cudzinki visits this industrial village in Ontario, the tightly woven fabric of its traditional culture unravels. Is he the ghost of an old gypsy, lover of a daughter one of the town's founding families, back for revenge against his tormentor? Or is he simply a labor organizer with a very slick cover story?